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Written by Jerry Wehner - Team Captain   
Tuesday, 15 January 2013 19:11

Just like the US Marine Corps the ISRPA Conventional Pistol Team is looking “For a few good men, or women”.  Are you up to the challenge?

Unlike many other states who choose their teams from whomever might be attending the match that day, Indiana feels that the team is much more coherent and shoots better if the members know each other and have practiced as a team before the day of the match.

This seems to prove itself in the fact that most of the time the ISRPA Team comes away from the match having done very well or quite often placing “in the money”.  Just this year at Camp Perry the 2 member expert class team, consisting of Thomas Jordan and Steven Pardieck won the .22, CF, and .45 caliber as well as the Aggregate 2 member matches.

So what’s in it for the individual team members?  Truthfully probably not a great deal if you’re looking for material things.  There’s the fellowship and camaraderie of the team as well as the pride in knowing that you are a member of a state team.  After all how many material benefits are there in most shooting matches?  If you are in it for the money, then I’m sorry, you’re in the wrong game!

The team shoots basically 3 shoulder to shoulder matches per year; the Bristol, IN Regional, Camp Perry National Matches, and the Evansville, IN Regional, that’s assuming that there are enough members present at each of those matches.  There have been times, in the past, where there were 3 separate teams which competed at the Bristol Regional.  The team has 3 practice sessions per year.  They are held at the Muncie R&P Club’s indoor range on the first Saturday of January, February and March.

There are several coaches available both during practice sessions and matches, they are:  Col. Charles Wilhelm (Ret USA), Lee Ornat, Michael Kiger, and Kevin Myers.  Lee, Michael and Kevin also serve as firing members at times.

The Team furnishes the members caps, shirts, a notebook (with shooting articles, tips and exercises), and team entry fees.  Members are expected to attend practices and matches as much as possible (everyone realizes that work and family commitments have to come first); help with team duties even if you are not selected as a firing member at any particular match; wear blue slacks (not jeans), team shirts and caps during the team matches; and other than that show up and enjoy yourself.

You don’t have to be a master shooter to qualify; there are shooters in all classifications on the team.  The coaches put together the firing team roster for the match and select members from various classifications to make up what they feel is the most viable team for that particular day.  Just because you are a team member does not mean that you will be a firing team member for any particular match, just as with any other team, sometimes you play and sometimes you don’t!

Think you’re up to the challenge?  If so let the Colonel, Kevin, or me know and we’ll take it from there.  Our contact information is available in the ISRPA Officers and Directors section of this magazine.   Hope to hear from you.